The Brazos River is NOT Flooding in Fort Bend County

Due to the Central Texas flooding, we have seen a moderate rise in the Brazos River in Fort Bend County. There will not be any impact to Fort Bend County; the river is doing its job of moving water from the northern parts of the state to the Gulf of Mexico, and it is performing very well.

Entire teams of hydrologists at the West Gulf River Forecast Center, the National Weather Service, the Brazos River Authority, and the Lower Colorado River Authority are working to forecast rainfall impacts; the following graph is the result of the best data they have of the anticipated impacts in Fort Bend County:

A disaster relief fund has been established called the Austin Disaster Relief Network and those who are able should donate to help survivors of the flooding. You can also give directly to to the American Red Cross to support survivors of disasters everywhere, including those right here in Texas.

We are all watch the flooding in Central Texas with an empathetic eye. Here in Fort Bend County we know all too well how serious flooding can be as many of us are still recovering from our historic flood. For more information and recovery resources for survivors of Harvey and the floods of 2015 and 2016, visit