Fort Bend County Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan is Now Open for Public Commenting

Dear MPC Members and supporting community partners,

The Fort Bend County Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan Update has been posted to Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management web page for public comment. Please share the link below via web page, social media, newsletter, or whichever other means you communicate with your citizens.  This is an important step to ensure the community has an opportunity to share their comments.

Hazard Mitigation Plan

Comments will be submitted via webform at the website and mailing address for hard copy submission, for two weeks. At the conclusion of this period (July 28, 2017), you will receive an email with any comments pertaining to your annex for review and consideration. I will be ready to incorporate any changes (if any) that you choose to include.  The revision period will take place from July 28-August 2, 2017, with a goal of submitting the draft to the Texas Division of Emergency Management for the first level of review by August 4.

Thank you for your continued support through this process.