2016 Flood Recovery Efforts

Flood recovery efforts are underway for businesses and residents affected by the severe storms of 2016.

Hazard Mitigation Grants (Buyouts and Elevations)

Grant Update (last updated 7/25/2017): Fort Bend County had hoped to hear by now if the county would be awarded the Hazard Mitigation Grant for buyouts and elevations.  Unfortunately we are being told by the state agency assisting with this grant that it will not be until at least the end of this year (2017) or possibly into 2018 before we will find out if our applications will be funded.  This is very frustrating news.  We realize that residents that applied for a buyout or elevation may need to make alternate plans regarding their recovery from the 2016 flooding.

For residents interested in the buyout/elevation programs that did not apply prior to January 2017, contact Doug Barnes at doug.barnes@fortbendcountytx.gov.  You could possibly be placed on the Alternate Property List.  “Alternate” properties serve as possible replacements for properties that may be determined as ineligible later on in the grant process, or choose not to accept the mitigation offer and move forward in the project.

La actualización de la subvención (7/25/2017): El condado de Fort Bend esperaba oír ahora si el condado sería concedido esta concesión. Desafortunadamente, la agencia estatal que asiste con esta subvención nos dice que no será hasta al menos el final de este año (2017) o posiblemente en 2018 antes de que averigüemos si nuestra solicitud será financiada. Esta es una noticia muy frustrante. Nos damos cuenta de que los residentes que solicitaron una compra o una elevación pueden necesitar hacer planes alternativos con respecto a su recuperación de la inundación de 2016.

Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery

Fort Bend County has approved its draft Method of Distribution for $17,022,677 in Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery Funds offered by the Texas General Land Office through the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. These dollars are for long term recovery needs related to the 2016 Tax Day Floods (DR 4269) and 2016 May/June Flooding (DR 4272).  At this time, the Method of Distribution is being reviewed by the State (General Land Office).  To view the approved draft Method of Distribution, click the link below.

2016 FBC County MOD – FINAL 7-11-2017

 Long Term Recovery Efforts

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