Flood Mitigation Project Form


Fort Bend County would like to capture information about all of the projects (either completed or not) the LIDs and MUDs are doing to protect their district following Hurricane Harvey and the floods of 2015 and 2016.  We are interested in capturing any and all projects that are being undertaken or considered.  If your MUD or LID is just thinking about a project, and it’s only a proposed project, that’s okay, we want to hear about it because there may or may not be grant funding out there that can help.  If your LID or MUD has already completed a project following the recent flooding events, please fill out a survey for each of those projects as well because we may not be aware of it.

An example of a project might be: pump enhancement, generator replacement, repairing levees, increasing the height of a levee, development of a hazard mitigation plan, additional gates, flood warning system, etc. etc.

It is important that this survey be filled out so that we have a good understanding of all the projects being undertaken across the County.  Please take the time to fill out the survey below.  If you have multiple projects, please fill out the survey for each project.  If your LID or MUD hasn’t completed, or doesn’t plan on undertaking any future projects, please fill out the survey with the LID or MUD name and put N/A for the remaining responses.

Thank you again for completing this survey.  

Flood Mitigation Project Survey (Complete Form for Each Project)