FEMA Video: FEMA Registration Process – Home Inspections/Follow Up with FEMA

FEMA video about what to expect when registering for FEMA after a disaster – part two of two videos – in American Sign Language (ASL).


This is the second video for what to expect when registering with FEMA.

Step Two: Inspections

After you register, a FEMA-contracted inspector may call you to set up an appointment to assess your damaged property.

Inspectors will never ask for bank account information, and there is no cost for the inspection.

When FEMA inspectors arrive at a home, they will display official photo identification. If the photo identification is not displayed, it is important to ask to see it.

Make sure your home or mailbox number is easily visible from the road. As part of the inspection process, you must provide proof of ownership or occupancy.

  • Homeowners may show a tax bill, mortgage payment receipt or insurance policy with the property’s address.
  • Renters may show a lease, rent payment receipt, utility bill or other document confirming the home was their primary residence at the time of the disaster.
  • Homeowners and renters must also present a valid driver’s license or other photo ID.

Step Three: Follow Up With FEMA

After registering for assistance, you will receive a letter regarding your application status. Some applicants may receive an SMS/text message. The letter will explain the status of your application and how to respond. It is important to read the letter carefully.

It is important to read and follow up with any correspondence from FEMA. You may have to log into your account on DisasterAssistance.gov or call the helpline at 800-621-3362 to keep the application process moving. You are also urged to keep your contact information updated with a current address and phone number to ensure FEMA can reach you with new information or questions.

*Video published August 30, 2017 via the FEMA YouTube Channel*