Evacuation Areas Changed for Areas Adjacent to Barker Reservoir


FORT BEND COUNTY, TEXAS — Fort Bend County Judge Robert Hebert has changed the evacuation orders for some areas adjacent to the Barker Reservoir. Portions of neighborhoods below 98-foot elevation, or difficult to access due to high water in the roads accessing or within their neighborhood, are under a Mandatory evacuation with Law Enforcement discretion. When Law Enforcement deems these areas safe to reenter they may be present to ensure safety and security of these areas; locals should heed their orders. For information about recovery and safely returning to your home, visit http://fortbendrecovers.org/.

Residents may check on the pool levels of the Barker Reservoir and reference the Fort Bend County LIDAR data to determine if water may be in their homes or streets.

Many neighborhoods adjacent to the Barker Reservoir area  still have hazards present such as flooded roads, fallen trees, displaced animals, and standing water. Residents should use extreme caution when returning to their homes. If Law Enforcement deems the areas to be unsafe, they may restrict entry to these areas at the Sheriff’s discretion.

“The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office will do everything possible to allow people to get back into their homes.” says Troy Nehls, Fort Bend County Sheriff, “…Some danger still exists. If we let people into their neighborhoods, we want to be sure that everyone is safe. Please be patient.”

“I want to thank you for your cooperation during this tragic flooding incident. This has been difficult for everyone affected, especially for those displaced from their homes,” Judge Hebert said. “Please let us know if you need assistance from the county in dealing with flood-related issues. We have resources and we are here to help.”

Fort Bend County Judge Robert Hebert has changed the evacuation orders for the following areas adjacent to the Barker Reservoir:

Areas under mandatory evacuation with Law Enforcement Discretion:

  • CINCO RANCH GREENWAY VILLAGE, SECTION 11 (North of Windmill Bluff Ln and East of and Including Lots along Hollow Branch)
  • CINCO RANCH GREENWAY VILLAGE, SECTION 12 (Southeast of Pinebury Ln)

To determine which area your home is in, please visit the following site and type in your home address into the interactive map: http://fbcoem.org/map-for-evacuation-zones-mapa-de-zonas-de-evacuacion/

For those in neighborhoods still under mandatory evacuations, please continue to honor the existing evacuation orders. We will let you know if and when it is safe for you to return home.  Please monitor social media and the office of emergency management website for further updates on the flooding situation.