Volunteer – Citizen Support Team (CST)

Citizen Support Team (CST)

CST Graduates

In 2005, Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and a group of dedicated volunteers formed the Citizens Support Team. The purpose and mission of the Support Team is to aid and support the OEM and the Emergency Operations Center in the mission of preparing for, responding to, recovering from, or mitigating the effects of natural and technological disasters.

Below summarizes some of the activities of Citizens Support Team Members:

Everyday Activities

  • Education and Outreach

Activation/Exercise Activities

  • Phone Bank
  • Administrative Support
  • Runner
  • Set up/Stock Emergency Supplies
  • Set up/ Maintain EOC Facility
  • Cook/Serve EOC Personnel Meals
  • Damage Assessment
  • Field Deployment
  • Internet/Web Assistance
  • Other Duties As Assigned

Training Requirements

Citizens Support Team members, who have successfully completed the required training, will qualify to participate in support functions/activities during activation at the Fort Bend County Emergency Operation Center. In order to obtain Citizen Support Team Membership status, volunteers must complete the following course requirements.

  1. Attend 1.5 hour orientation.
  2. Complete 6 hour Fundamentals of Emergency Management Training Course
  3. Complete IS 100 (Introduction to the Incident Command System) and IS 700 introduction to the National Incident Management System) courses.
  4. Attend SkyWarn Training within first year of joining CST.

Fundamentals Curriculum

The Fundamentals of Emergency Management Training Curriculum includes the following sessions:

  1. Emergency Management 101
  2. Geography 101
  3. Emergency Operations Plan 101
  4. EOC Operations 101
  5. EOC Operations 201
  6. WebEOC 101
  7. ICS 100 – Introduction to the Incident Command System
  8. IS 700 – Introduction to the National Incident Management System
  9. SkyWarn Severe Weather Spotter Training

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